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That time of the year has come when every homeowner has started to consider hiring the services of a concrete contractor in order to revamp their concrete driveway in Vancouver. The underlining reason why our driveways deteriorate at such a fast rate is partly due to the elastic components present in the driveway and due to normal wear and tear. The components used to construct our driveways have elastic properties that expand during the heat and contract during the winter. This constant expansion and contraction takes a toll on the integrity of the driveway and causes numerous issues such as cracks, puddles and potholes.

Since it is not every day that a homeowner has to consider hiring the services of a concrete contractor they do not have the degree of knowledge required to have install a driveway that best suits their specifications. Rest assured we have exactly what you are looking for, given below is an extensive list of the different types of driveways that concrete contractors in Vancouver can install with immense ease. We would first recommend articulating a budget that encompasses the entire amount you are willing to spend on this project, please make sure that this budget is realistic and religiously abide to it. Once you have devised a budget, please consider the different types of concrete driveways that are mentioned below,


Poured concrete driveways (broom finish)

concrete driveway 01 concrete driveway 06

This is one of the most popular concrete driveways as it does not require heavy maintenance and offers an extensive lifespan. This concrete can be poured in different patterns that allow different components to expand and contract with ease. Furthermore, if you are looking for a permanent fix then this is the perfect choice for your driveway as poured concrete driveways have the capacity of lasting decades. A renowned company such as Pell-Builder has massive experience in poured concrete driveways and can actually install these driveways within a reasonable time.



Stamped concrete driveways

Chiseled Slate

This is the most profound alternative to plain concrete driveways and creates the impression that different materials and tools were used to create the facet of the driveway. This type of concrete driveway is created using bricks or any other construction material that can be used in constructing driveways, patios and even roads. Some companies such as Pell builders have introduced many different designs and patterns that can seamlessly coincide with the aesthetic facet of your home!

Exposed aggregate

Driveway, sidewalk remove and replace

This is the latest trend in the driveway industry and offers an unparalleled aesthetic facet that will accentuate the beauty of your home substantially. This type of driveway provides a non-slip surface and utilizes special concrete mix that has the capacity of lasting decades. This is another type of driveway that Pell-Builder can install in a timely and cost-effective manner.

So for all the homeowners out there who are considering installing a new driveway, please consider the different types mentioned above and ascertain which of these types encompasses your budget. Rest assured most concrete contractors in Vancouver such as Pell-Builder provide estimates and work plans for free!


It’s Time to Call the Professionals

The task of restoring or replacing your commercial or residential concrete structures is a complex one as it involves a lot of considerations. Apart from that, having prior experience and knowledge of doing so in an effective and efficient manner is also required. Thus, the task should only be entrusted to a professional concrete contractor Vancouver. Pell-Builder is one such service provider based in the lower mainland area in British Columbia which can help you with all your concrete-related troubles. Call them today at 604-349-4751 for a free quote.


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