Paving Stone Backyard in Abbotsford


This blog post is about our Paving Stone Backyard Project in Abbotsford BC.:

Concrete has been used for over decades as the main material for your backyard or front patio. To be very honest, even as of today, many people who are unknown to new materials still have concrete backyards in their homes. However, times have changed and more and more homeowners choice inclined towards paving stone backyard in Abbotsford and other parts of the Country than concrete pavements.

The homeowner of this Paving stone backyard in Abbotsford know that this one is a critical project and cannot be DIY’ed. I f you have a project similar size it is better to to reach out to professionals for assistance. We recently revamped this client’s backyard and changed it from an old one to a beautiful new paving stone backyard

First and foremost, the aspect that needs to be taken into account is the land. The area where we had to work was completely blocked which is why building materials had to be transported through labor instead of machines.

1.   Preparation – Building the new concrete foundation

The first step included the removal of the previous landscape tie wall. Only after extracting the former wall, we could begin digging the land to make room for the new foundation wall.
This concrete foundation will be responsible to hold the new fence

Once the digging process was completed, we fixated on the form and the reinforcing steel bar. This has two purposes; firstly, to give the foundation a strong structure and secondly, to make pouring of the concrete possible.

An essential part of the concrete foundation is the reinforcement steel bar. The bar is used to give the foundation the ability to endure wear and tear and remain durable.

  • The concrete foundation plays an essential part when it comes to the substantiality of the future fence. The concrete takes a while to dry up. Once it has dried on the surface, we remove the form and clean up the area. Although it appears to be dry on the surface, it actually needs to sit to harden for days.
  • The next step is to place the fencing.

The new concrete foundation and the new fence

Concrete Foundation and Fence


2.   Preparation for the beautiful Paving Stone Backyard

The customers are given a choice when it comes to using the materials in the backyard. This process includes taking the customer’s requisites for a customized backyard. They are given a booklet to choose the pattern of the stone pavement, the design of the backyard and the colors they would like.

This step includes building the drainage system to prevent water pooling in the backyard. We elevate the pavement to create the required steep for the water to flow into the custom-built drainage system.

For this paving stone backyard, we used:

gravel, landscape fabric, sand and the paving stone type “flagstone” to give this backyard the desired look and fine finishing.

Simultaneously, the new concrete stairs for the back patio are also installed too.

Paving Stone Backyard  READY FOR ENJOYMENT

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