Concrete Repair and Maintenance

Why concrete repair and maintenance is important? We use concrete to build just about everything, from sidewalks to buildings, driveways to parking lots. Concrete has to be properly maintained. Cracked or damaged concrete can easily turn into a serious liability and could also lead to injury. When the concrete that’s used in Vancouver BC gets old, it starts to wear out, creating problems for pedestrians.

Pell-Builder Inc. ensures that the concrete that we provide is able to remain in excellent condition throughout its lifespan. That’s because we use the best quality concrete that has been properly mixed. We also take great care and caution during the curing process which ensures that the concrete is able to maintain excellent condition.

Once the concrete mix has been laid and allowed to dry, it will become firm and will last longer without the requirement of any ongoing maintenance. Normally, water enters through the small cracks and holes that develop over time and can undermine the integrity of the concrete. Whenever this occurs, the most effective way to repair concrete in Vancouver BC is by removing and replacing the deteriorated concrete.


With time, concrete curbs and sidewalks fall victim to general wear and tear. This results in the concrete cracking and becoming uneven. This leads to various hazards, such as pedestrians tripping and getting injured. In this way, the old damaged concrete can become a major liability. Our concrete crew have years of experience in the removal of deteriorated concrete and can replace them with new concrete that meets the highest grade in terms of quality, and also looks great as well. By using the latest techniques and technologies, we are able to change the concrete quickly, safely and with precision.

Having a clear understanding of each concrete repair problem in Vancouver BC is critical in order to find the right solution. This is where Pell Builder shines. From residential homes to large commercial properties, our specialists are able to deal with all sorts of threats that are posed due to deteriorating concrete.

By way of having years of experience in repairing and maintaining concrete in Vancouver BC, no one understands the material better than we do. This is especially true when it comes to protection needs, load carrying requirements and aesthetics.

As the specialists in concrete repair and maintenance in Vancouver BC, we are able to provide our clients with a cost-effective and reliable solution for specific projects. We do not cut corners when it comes to providing results. Our services ensure the best quality, so that the work we do is guaranteed to last a long time.

The concrete repairs and maintenance services we offer in Vancouver BC include, but are not limited to, the removal of old and damaged or weak concrete and the cleaning and patching up of cracks, spalls and holes which develop on concrete with the passing of time. From low to exposed aggregate areas, we deal with every challenge that stems from damaged concrete. Our resurfacing services enable our customers to avoid the high cost and inconvenience of having to demolish the concrete, which can be a time-consuming process.

We are committed to the continued improvement and the development of our technologies and techniques. This enables us to offer concrete repair solutions that are effective and economical, along with services that you can depend on. Our services are able to tackle a wide range of structural problems that occur in the concrete of residential homes, commercial buildings, historical monuments and public-sector structures. We are totally committed to delivering exceptional quality with our workmanship. Our experienced engineers are always on hand to offer their expertise to tackle certain technical issues and to provide our clients with the technical advice and assistance they need. We are always ready to carry out on-site inspections and provide estimates for our customers.

What is the Causes of Concrete to be Damaged in the Vancouver Area?

Few things are as durable as reinforced concrete, but even it needs to be properly maintained in order to last a long time. The following are some reasons why concrete can get damaged over time:


The main reason for concrete to deteriorate, apart from physical damage, is corrosion. The mechanism by which the passive surface conditions of the reinforced steel is disrupted can lead to serious corrosion damage, also known as carbonation. The pH of the pole solution tends to decrease and become more acidic when carbon dioxide from the external atmosphere enters into the reinforced steel and reacts with the pore solution.

The significant decrease in the internal pH level of 8 leads to carbonation. This effect gradually penetrates into the concrete and is mostly visible on cross sections that are treated with an indicator solution. Once the “front” reaches the embedded reinforcing steel, it is much more vulnerable to damage caused by corrosion. The relatively porous concrete, low concrete cover, exposure to wet or dry weather, and relatively high levels of carbon dioxide have all been associated with the risk of corrosion.

Chloride-induced attack

A chloride-induced attack on the reinforcing steel is another harmful cause of corrosion. The harmful chloride molecules can originate from the original mix ingredients or from the external environment. It can also result from notable de-icing salts that are applied to the concrete during cold months, and even with marine exposure.

Once the conditions that result in corrosion damage of the reinforced steel surface have been established, the formation of the corrosion is enough to generate tensile stresses within the concrete. This results in the subsequent spalling of the concrete cover. The extensive cracking and loss of the protective cover leaves the reinforcing steel vulnerable to even further corrosion, and damage from the external environment.


The settling of poorly compacted fill and the freezing or thawing of the sub-grade are other common causes of instability of the concrete. As a solution, tensile strength is increased with the help of a wire mesh reinforcement. This wire mesh that is used helps to stabilize the concrete and preventing further cracks from occurring or the joints from opening up. Other causes of settling in concrete are due to water loss or shrinkage which can also lead to cracking of the concrete. When that occurs, polypropylene fibers are included in the mix to block cracks in the concrete.

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