Hiring a Qualified Foundation Contractor – House Lifting and Stabilizing

When it comes to hiring foundation contractor to repair or perform lifting and stabailizing, it is critical as a homeowner to make sure you are hiring an expert contractor that knows the business. As a homeowner, it’s crucial to the life of your home to have a regular inspection of your foundation. It may be hard to know exactly what to check for if you inspect the foundation yourself. It is best to hire a professional because detecting foundation issues may not be obvious.

Does the Contractor REALLY know how to fix your foundation?

A qualified foundation repair contractor means more than attending a school from a franchise operator for two weeks and earning a certification.

Foundation repair is a tough industry to learn. Homeowners who research companies based on the lowest price alone must be aware of the right questions to ask. You do not want to hire on savings alone and end up with someone unaware of the actual process of repair.

You certainly do not want to deal with a new repair issue created by a repair gone bad when having your foundation fixed.


Does the Contracting Company You Want to Hire have a list of satisfied customers?

A reputable foundation repair company will offer local references when asked. Look at the company’s online and community presence.

It’s best to get first-hand information from someone you know and trust, so ask your family and friends if they have any recommendations, and always verify reviews and ratings.

Is the Contractor Licensed and Insured?

A reputable company should produce proof of insurance when asked. They should have a general business liability policy, along with a workman compensation policy.

Make sure they hold a valid trade license and pull necessary permits.

Is the Contracting Company Familiar with Your Area and Soil Type?

The foundation repair company should be familiar with local construction techniques, as well as the soil conditions. The condition of the soil can be drastically different, even within a few blocks.

A repair company should have a solid understanding of the different types of foundations and how each will react if piers are installed. Homeowners might also make sure that the repair company has a verifiable physical office or shop location.

Is the Contractors Repair Work Covered by Warranty?

What exactly is covered under the warranty? Is the warranty transferable and is it reasonable? Rest easy on a solid foundation by asking the right questions. Never delay foundation repairs. We have teams with specialized training to come to your home and provide a thorough inspection of your foundation. Let us restore your peace of mind and stabilize your structure now. Call the concrete specialists at Pell-Builder for any routine and structural inspections.



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