All You Need to Know about Retaining Walls

All You Need to Know about Retaining Walls

What are They?

Even though many of you might have come across or seen this structure at least once, you might be oblivious to or least bothered to know what it actually was. For those of you who don’t know what they are but are curious and want to add to their knowledge, retaining walls are specially designed structures which serve numerous functional purposes, the most common among which is to hold or retain soil, holding it in a specific shape and preventing it from spilling over.

Types of Construction Materials Used

Retaining walls can be constructed using different, common and widely-available materials, those which are used for other construction-related purposes as well. They can also be used in combination with one another to improve their strength, durability and other characteristics. Some of the materials commonly used for constructing such walls include;

  • Rocks (from small-sized pebbles to large boulders)
  • Treated timber and other strong, wooden materials
  • Concrete (poured, liquid concrete as well as irregular and interlocking blocks)
  • Old tires

Most Common Uses

Retaining walls serve numerous purposes. Here are the most common uses of such wall structures;

  • They prevent and drastically reduce the extent of soil erosion. This is because the soil stored in these walls has no place to escape as they are packed tightly together.
  • They beautify and enhance the look of a particular indoor or outdoor space.

Some Design Ideas

As mentioned above, retaining walls can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of a certain area by giving it unique, decorative touch and improving its functionality. They have various applications in a number of residential and commercial areas and can be incorporated into a number of structures and areas, such as gardens, driveways, lobbies, and roofs, to name a few.

Here are some ways in which you can incorporate them into the space of your choice;

  • Landscaped Garden

Even though creating a landscaped garden is a complicated task, once constructed and completed in a professional manner, it can enhance the overall look of your garden, giving it a much more sophisticated and unique touch.

  • Lined Driveway

You can also give your driveway a much welcomed makeover by making it look glamorous and appealing. Simply lining it with a landscaped garden can improve its look and can even add a few thousand dollars to its market value.

  • Wall Liners

Installing these walls in interior spaces can liven up the space. It can give such spaces a different look, even though such installations can be difficult to maintain.

  • Roof Seating Areas

Most people are at a complete loss when asked how to utilize the space on rooftops. If you are one of them, we would suggest you transform it into a casual seating place and envelop it with a landscaped garden. It would be a good place to lounge around on the weekend.

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