Concrete driveways vs Asphalt paving driveway

Concrete vs Asphalt
Currently, the most popular materials that homeowner chooses for their driveways are concrete and sometimes asphalt. Both of these materials are unique in their own perspective as they have their own set benefits and drawbacks. This is exactly why most homeowners are often plagued with the decision of whether they should choose asphalt or concrete for their driveways.

Many people automatically choose asphalt driveways and often regret their decision later on as asphalt does not have a long lifespan and demands regular maintenance. At the same time, even concrete does have its own set of limitations which should be taken into consideration before investing in either of these materials. However, to alleviate the complexity of this decision we have listed the pros and cons of each material, these pros and cons are mentioned below.


Benefits of concrete driveways

The following are the most profound benefits of concrete driveways,

  • Cost effective material
  • Does not require heavy maintenance
  • Does not require heavy machinery for installation
  • Can be installed in a timely manner
  • An array of designs you can choose from
  • Pattern stamping is only an option in concrete driveways
  • Different colors are available
  • Has an incredible lifespan of over 25 years (30-40 if constructed properly and maintained)
  • Does not deteriorate at a fast pace
  • Concrete driveways have a unique aesthetic facet
  • Can easily coincide with any exterior
  • Has the capacity of accentuating the beauty of your home
  • Can be re-layered
  • Easy to maintain on your own
  • Ease of snow removal

Disadvantages of concrete driveways

Given below are the most prominent disadvantages of concrete driveways,

  • Curbing process takes time,
  • Not suitable for cold weather conditions as the surface may become slippery
  • Concrete driveways can stain easily
  • Salt will damage it. ( it should be sealed if salt is being used)
  • Due to its light color, it stains very easily and shows every color.

Advantages of asphalt driveways

Now we will consider asphalt driveways and the range of benefits that this material provides, these benefits are as follows

  • Easy to install
  • It is a little bit Cheaper compared to concrete
  • Can be used a few days after installation
  • Has a lifespan of approximately 10-15 years
  • Can be re-layered
  • Retains some of the sun’s heat making it better for the winter
  • Does no stain easily

Disadvantages of asphalt driveways

Given below are the most imminent disadvantages of asphalt driveways,

  • Limited amount of designs available
  • Limited amount of colors available
  • Does not have a long lifespan compared to concrete driveways
  • Requires regular maintenance

Home buyers might prefer a concrete driveway over asphalt. This should be considered if you are preparing your home for sale.
We would recommend contacting a renowned contractor such as Pell builders, as will happily provide information regarding both materials and which one best suits your specifications.

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