3 Signs that your concrete driveway requires repairs or maintenance

There is no doubt that one very important component of your home is the aesthetic face of your concrete driveway. Essentially this is one of the first aspects of your home that your guests will take notice and the first impression is always the lasting impression.

This is exactly why every homeowner concrete driveway should be maintained to perfection so that it perfectly coincides with the rest of the home. However many homeowners often complain that concrete contractors charge a substantial amount for driveway repairs or maintenance.

Every home owner can easily save these costs if they hire the services of concrete contractors at the right time. Many people only start considering hiring the services of concrete contractors when it is often too late and the only viable route is replacing the driveway, due to the amount of damage that the driveway has succumbed to.

What people have to realize is that nothing is meant to last forever, especially the concrete driveways of our homes. The sheer amount of wear and tear that these driveways have to handle, takes a massive toll on their integrity and without maintenance every driveway will expediently deteriorate. In order to help people save massive repair costs, we have articulated a list of signs that indicate your concrete driveway requires immediate repairs. These signs are as follows:


Concrete Driveway Cracks

The first and most profound sign that indicates your driveway has finally reached breaking point is when multiple cracks start to appear on your concrete driveway. Although this is a normal sign of wear and tear, but if it is left unattended these cracks will slowly spread all over your driveway. So if you have noticed any sort of cracks on your drive way, please consider hiring the services of concrete contractors as soon as possible.



Another sign that many homeowners often underestimate are pot holes. Not only does this ruin the aesthetic face of your driveway but it can also cause problems for your car! Potholes start forming when the upper layer of concrete starts to deteriorate and the pieces break away to form a pothole. In most cases if the pothole is not repaired immediately, then refilling the pothole will not prove to be a permanent fix as these potholes will resurface. However Pell-Builder Inc have years of knowledge and experience in repairing potholes, instead of investing in a complete overhaul you can easily contact us instead.


The last sign that indicates your concrete driveway requires the immediate services of a concrete contractor is when the driveway starts accumulating water. Not only does this constitute as a safety hazard, this issue will also cause numerous problems.

The certain area of your driveway that accumulates water will slowly weaken and will cause cracks and potholes! So please do not take this lightly and contact a concrete contractor without any further delay. Rest assured if you hire a concrete contractor the moment your driveway displays any of the signs mentioned above, you can easily save those staggering repair costs. The longer you wait, the higher the repair bill!

It’s Time to Call the Professionals

If you want your driveway to be maintained or installed to perfection then please consider hiring the services of Pell Builder Inc. as there is no doubt that we will surpass your expectations! Apart from that, having prior experience and knowledge of doing so in an effective and efficient manner is also required. Thus, the task should only be entrusted to a professional service provider.

Pell Builder Inc. is one such service provider based in Langley, BC and Servicing all the Lower Mainland area in Greater Vancouver area we can help you craft and maintain your concrete driveway

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Increase the value and safety of your home or property with quality concrete.

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Increase the value and safety of your home or property with quality concrete. We will be happy to come out and provide you with FREE - NO HASSLE ESTIMATE!

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