3 Ideas to Spruce up the Look of Your Concrete Driveway

There are many reasons why people invest heavily in perfecting the look of their driveway. A few do it to enhance their property’s curb appeal, while many others do it simply because their driveway has started to crack and crumble, disappearing from under their feet with each passing day. However, whatever the reason might be, concrete is the material of choice when it comes to repairing or completely revamping the look of your driveway for the better.

So, keeping that in mind, here are a few ideas for you to consider if a driveway makeover is on the cards;

Stamped Concrete Designs

If you are looking for killer concrete driveway ideas, go for one of the many stamped concrete designs which people have come to love over the years. Also referred to as textured concrete by many, in this type of design, different patterns are imprinted or embossed on the surface of the concrete to resemble the look of other commonly-used construction materials (i.e. brick, stone, tile, wood, etc.). Better yet, it is also one of the least expensive treatments which you can get to improve the look of your driveway.

Gradient it Up

Some people just can’t get enough of contrasts and colors. For all of such people, colored concrete designs are the way to go. Opting for this type of treatment provides you with a lot of different combinations to choose from. You are literally spoilt for choice as it allows you to go for bold color combinations to stand out from the crowd, or follow the norm by mixing and matching shades of white and black. You can even make use of colored tiles of concrete and insert them in patches to help your driveway get the attention it deserves.

An Exposed Aggregate Finish

Concrete driveways adorning an exposed look and finish just have a naturally sophisticated vibe to them. Their grainy texture is optimal if you are looking for a grippy surface which can also double as a basketball court for you and your kids to enjoy themselves during the evening. However, there are certain cons attached to it which you should take note of. For one, it can cause serious injuries if one was to fall on it. Apart from that, it may also lose its texture over time due to the wear and tear caused by the ever-changing weather conditions.

It’s Time to Call the Professionals

The task of restoring or replacing your concrete driveway is a complex one as it involves a lot of considerations. Apart from that, having prior experience and knowledge of doing so in an effective and efficient manner is also required. Thus, the task should only be entrusted to a professional service provider.Pell Builder is one such service provider based in the lower mainland area in British Columbia which can help you craft a concrete driveway Vancouver. Call them today at 604-349-4751 for a free quote.


Increase the value and safety of your home or property with quality concrete.

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Increase the value and safety of your home or property with quality concrete. We will be happy to come out and provide you with FREE - NO HASSLE ESTIMATE!

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