Why a Concrete Driveway Is a Great Investment

Driveways are a vital part of any home and when you’re considering replacing it or building a new house, it’s important to choose the right type of material for the driveway. Driveways are usually constructed using concrete, asphalt, stone or bricks; every material has its own benefits and downsides.

However, concrete and asphalt are the most commonly used materials for building driveways. If you’re wondering why concrete is a great material and a good investment for a driveway, then read on.

Concrete is Durable

Asphalt driveways as well as concrete driveways need proper and regular maintenance, but concrete driveways tend to last much longer than asphalt driveways. A concrete driveway lasts for up to 50 years, whereas an asphalt driveway will last only for 30 years.

Furthermore, concrete driveways are stronger and durable, and they are less susceptible to roots growing out from the surface, unlike an asphalt driveway. A concrete driveway does not develop potholes that easily and its edges also do not wear out much. On the flipside, an asphalt driveway ‘s edges crumble with time.

They are Adaptable

Concrete driveways are more adaptable than asphalt driveways because they can be incorporated with various styles such as different color themes, shades, and patterns, including decorative and stylish ones. Another added advantage is that concrete can be made to look like marble; you cannot do that with asphalt!

Concrete is Cleaner

That’s true! Concrete is cleaner and tidier than asphalt. This is because when asphalt gets hot, it releases oil. During summers, asphalt driveways get quite hot which can be difficult and troublesome to walk on as well. The oil can be tracked into your car or house through your shoes.

There’s no such hassle with concrete and you don’t have to worry about oil being spread all over your beautiful home. This is because concrete doesn’t absorb heat as much as asphalt.

Boosts Curb Appeal

A driveway plays an important role in creating first impressions because whenever someone visits your house, the driveway is the first thing they’ll notice. And when you have a concrete driveway, the tidy, neat, and classy look will surely increase your home’s aesthetic value. This is useful when you want to sell your house as well. A concrete driveway helps boost a home’s value.

It Requires Less Maintenance

Everyone wants a driveway which is easier and more convenient to maintain; well, a concrete driveway is here to fulfill your expectations. Concrete doesn’t require much maintenance as it can be cleaned easily with warm soapy water to get rid of stains and marks left by your car’s tires. You can sweep concrete regularly to eliminate undesirable debris like grass clippings and fallen leaves. To remove stubborn stains, additional cleaning methods such as pressure washing can be implemented.

So if you are considering a concrete driveway, then consider hiring the best in the business as we at Pell Builder will ensure your next home improvement project is a success.

It’s Time to Call the Professionals

The task of restoring or replacing your commercial or residential concrete structures is a complex one as it involves a lot of considerations. Apart from that, having prior experience and knowledge of doing so in an effective and efficient manner is also required. Thus, the task should only be entrusted to a professional concrete contractor Vancouver. Pell-Builder is one such service provider based in the lower mainland area in British Columbia which can help you with all your concrete-related troubles. Call them today at 604-349-4751 for a free quote.


Increase the value and safety of your home or property with quality concrete.

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Increase the value and safety of your home or property with quality concrete. We will be happy to come out and provide you with FREE - NO HASSLE ESTIMATE!

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