The Ultimate Guide to Concrete Driveways in Vancouver

The Ultimate Guide to Concrete Driveways in Vancouver

Concrete driveways have been around for decades now and there are many good reasons why concrete driveways are still being installed all around the world. Although concrete is more expensive than other materials such as gravel, it provides an array of benefits that attract homeowners all around the world. Some of the most profound benefits of concrete driveways are:


The first and most prominent benefit of concrete driveways is the fact that concrete driveways in Vancouver can easily integrate with the exterior of your home. Not only is it easy finding concrete designs which accentuate the beauty of your home but it is also a sure shot way of enhancing the landscape of your property.

Array of designs

Another reason why concrete has become so popular is due to the array of designs available. Most concrete contractors will easily provide you with different designs that will best suit your budget and the decor of your home. Concrete driveways are not limited in any perspective as they are available in any texture, pattern, or color so the sky is the limit when it comes to concrete driveways.


If you are looking for a permanent fix for your driveway then concrete should be your priority. This material is extremely durable and can handle normal wear and tear with ease. Not only is it resistant to normal wear and tear but they have a life span of over 25 years!


Although gravel and other materials are unique in their own perspective, there is no doubt that the contemporary facet that concrete provides is unparalleled in comparison. It provides a clean and sleek look that will not only accentuate the beauty of your home but will also provide a professional appearance.

Cost effective

Due to the array of designs that are available in the market, any homeowner can easily find a design that fits their budget. However, due to the low maintenance required by such driveways, you will save substantial costs on repairs and maintenance.

How is a concrete driveway installed?
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Most concrete contractors employ their own methods in installing concrete driveways in Vancouver; however the most acclaimed contractors such asPell-Builder have utilized their massive experience in creating the perfect installation process. A renowned contractor such as Pell-Builder will install your driveway according to the steps highlighted below,


  • The contractor will first remove any vegetation from surface area of the driveway to create a stable soil foundation.
  • Wood forms are installed around the perimeter of the driveway and gravel is added inside these wood forms.
  • Once the wood forms are installed, a team of contractors will then pour the concrete and finish the surface before the cement solidifies.
  • Pell builders will also include expansion joints to increase the durability of your driveway, as concrete will expand in the summers and will contract in the winters.
  • The contractor will then let you know when it is safe to park your car on the driveway as the curing process takes some time.

So if you are considering a concrete driveway, then consider hiring the best in the business as we at Pell Builder will ensure your next home improvement project is a success.


It’s Time to Call the Professionals

The task of restoring or replacing your commercial or residential concrete structures is a complex one as it involves a lot of considerations. Apart from that, having prior experience and knowledge of doing so in an effective and efficient manner is also required. Thus, the task should only be entrusted to a professional concrete contractor Vancouver. Pell-Builder is one such service provider based in the lower mainland area in British Columbia which can help you with all your concrete-related troubles. Call them today at 604-349-4751 for a free quote.


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Increase the value and safety of your home or property with quality concrete. We will be happy to come out and provide you with FREE - NO HASSLE ESTIMATE!

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