The Basics of Vancouver Concrete Pathways

ssThe Basics of Vancouver Concrete Pathways

These days the amount of choices people have in materials, it can be very difficult deciding which type of driveway best suits their specifications. However currently the most popular material that homeowners choose is concrete, as this type of driveway has the capacity of standing the test of time. Although concrete pathways come with a high price tag, this material is designed to resist normal wear and tear. In addition to providing a beautiful aesthetic, over time concrete pathways begin to pay for themselves because they do not need regular maintenance or repairs.

What are concrete pathways?

Concrete pathways are created using a mixture of cement, sand, water and aggregate. We install these driveways or pathways using various techniques, resulting in a permeable surface that can withstand the test of time. Some concrete contractors, such as Pell Builders, have innovated the market with their cost-effective prices and variety of designs. Therefore, homeowners in Vancouver have many options for concrete pathways, especially if they hire a reputable contractor with experience in installing them. At Pell Builders, we specialize in concrete pathways and our experience has helped us understand the details of concrete surfaces and how to install them perfectly.


What kind of maintenance is required for concrete pathways?

Concrete is popular because it does not require heavy maintenance and does not deteriorate quickly. Once we install a concrete pathway, it can last for more than 25 years without needing any repairs or maintenance. However, the surface will need occasional cleaning, which we can easily do using a high pressure hose. Concrete pathways can also be cleaned using chemicals that would damage materials like gravel.

How to hire a concrete contractor?

Hiring a concrete contractor can be challenging because there are many companies that do not provide high-quality services. To make it easier for homeowners, we have compiled a list of steps to help you choose the best contractor in your area. These steps are as follows:

Step1: Contact a company that specializes in concrete pathways

Use the internet to locate the most renowned in your area, please just make sure that the relevant company specializes in concrete pathways.

Step2: Request for a referral and required credentials

Ask the relevant company to provide you with a referral from one of their previous clients to get an idea of the level of service they have provided. Also, make sure the contractor has valid insurance coverage and the necessary licenses to operate legally in your area.

Step3: Request for an estimate and work plan

Most companies will provide an estimate and work plan for free, so make sure you request an estimate that includes the cost of the entire project and a work plan that includes the timeline for the project.


It’s Time to Call the Professionals

Restoring or replacing commercial or residential concrete structures is a complex task that requires careful consideration and experience. Therefore, it is important to trust this task to a professional concrete contractor like Pell-Builder based in the lower mainland area of British Columbia. They can help with all your concrete-related needs. Call Us today at 604-349-4751 for a free quote.


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