38-Garage and Deck Renovation in North Vancouver

Garage and Deck Renovation in North Vancouver

The owner of this North Vancouver home called to say the garage ceiling was leaking when it rained and he needed a quick repair. The crew came out to examine the damage in the garage and deck. It was difficult to see clearly where the roof of the garage was leaking. Water is often hard to trace. Above the garage is the patio floor with a small surface damage on it originally that is why the owner called us – just to replace the surface on the patio.

What we found

We began to tear up the patio floor to find the leak and noticed all the plywood was rotten. As we went further to look into the true cause of the problem, we found the support beam was rotting as well. Sure enough the entire structure was completely unstable and rotting away due to carpenter ants. We broke the bad news to the owner.

What we had to do

  • replace and fix the support beam
  • resurface and renovate the patio
  • Install new glass railing

What began as a routine repair project soon became an extensive repair to replace the support beam, garage wall and construction of a completely new patio. When we completed construction there was no longer harmful mould or danger of a roof collapse. We finished the patio with a new glass railing and beautiful wood posts. Each post was topped off with eco friendly lights that use energy from the sun.

What started as a small repair ended up being a big job with a very happy and thankful family in the end.

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37-Garage and Deck Renovation in North Vancouver

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