Steep Sloped Concrete Paver Driveway

Steep Sloped Concrete Paver Driveway

This home owner in North Vancouver BC contacted Pell-Builder Inc to help by installing some quality concrete paver driveway on steep slope.
In this blog post we will illustrate some important assets of a driveway installation using concrete pavers. You can witness the transformations what was taking place at this ordinary home in only a few days. The homeowner choice was using pavers instead pouring a concrete for this driveway.

About Concrete Paver Driveway

Paving Stone DrivewayYou can design outdoor living spaces with style and within budget with pavers, they are a popular choice for driveways, sidewalks. Concrete paver comes in different shapes, styles, colours and patterns…so there is plenty of choices.

The Advantage of interlocking pavers are:

  • speeds up the installation process,
  • there is no curing period, they are ready to use right after the installation.
  • Very good traction
  • Expected to last long (25-50 years)

The price of concrete paver

There is no set square footage price when it comes to installing a concrete paver driveway . The pavers them self cost between $3-$15/square ft depending on style and quality. And the installation can vary depending on existing condition, access to the site, demolition, haul away, soil conditions, paver and pattern choice.


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37-Steep Sloped Concrete Paver Driveway



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