Foundation Inspection and Repair

This blogpost is about a Foundation Inspection and Repair of sinking foundation

Foundation Repair

Not all foundation problems are easily noticeable. Some signs to be aware of that should prompt you to get a professional foundation inspection are:

  • Cracked or bulging walls or cracked stairs – When you check your exterior and interior walls for cracks, hairline cracks are somewhat common. If you happen to notice larger cracks, that is a good sign there has been foundation movement.
  • Floor Damage – When you check your floors, you’ll want to look for cracks that are uneven on each side. If you see this, a foundation inspection should be performed.
  • Uneven doors or doors that no longer shut: When a foundation settles, cracks or shifts, you may have difficulty opening or closing doors because they no longer sit level or shut. This can be a sign that there is movement in your home’s frame.
  • Stuck windows or window wells: When a foundation settles, cracks or shifts, windows may no longer shut.

Foundation Repairs in Your Area

If another home in your neighborhood has gone through a foundation repair, it is highly recommended you have your foundation inspected by a professional engineer to ensure your home does not have a similar problem.

It is important to get a licensed engineer to conduct a foundation inspection if you notice any of the following in your home:

Sloping or Sagging Problems

  • Floors – If you notice your floors are sloped, sagging or heaving.
  • Exterior Brick – If you see sagging or uneven sections anywhere around your home’s exterior.

Drainage Problems

  • Erosion or pooling around your foundation.
  • Issues growing your lawn.
  • Soil washing away during a rainstorm.

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