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Foundation Stabilizing and Repair

This blogpost is about a very complex foundation stabilizing project in Vancouver Island

Foundation Repair on a 112 years old heritage house

The homeowner of this 112 years old house experienced a number of disturbing signs that indicated a foundational settlement problem on this beautiful heritage house. Unfortunately, many times the repair process can be equally unsettling.  At Pell-Builder we have a group of professionals who enjoy helping homeowners in this critical times when facing house foundation problems. We use the best interlocking structural pier supports that is on the market to ensure that the project will be success.

What we found when we arrived

Foundations are a big deal so naturally they were upset with what they may be facing for repair costs. More than that, they could not believe they were living in a structurally unstable home. We were able to let them know that the repair would not compromise their home and that they would not face near the set back financially that they were anticipating.

We were contracted to repair their foundation and install the pier support system.

Foundation Repair

When it comes to repairing or stabilizing your foundation, use of an interlocking structural pier support system is key to solving the issue.Get a product that allows sufficient depth, superior strength, and incorporates concentric loading of the pier during installation, and support of the foundation after repair.The foundation repair system combines the best features of segmented concrete piers and hollow-piped pushed piers.The pier design is a combination of galvanized steel and concrete, and is the strongest in the industry. There are no components that will cause slippage and all parts are connected to form one stable and secure unit.The interlocking system lifts a settled or sinking foundation and supports the foundation below the footing. It is positioned centrally beneath the footing to provide the greatest support. Each segment is hydraulically driven into the ground and connected to the foundation pier. The pier is then finished with a galvanized steel cap. Not only does this system structurally restore your home, it restores your foundation to better than new.

Foundation Repair Installation

  • A hole is dug to access the bottom of the footing
  • Segments are installed using a hydraulic pump
  • Segments are driven into the ground directly under the footing – one at a time and interlocked to each other
  • A lifting platform is attached to the pier system
  • Jacks are set on the platform to begin the lifting process
  • Once the house has been lifted, galvanized caps and shims are installed which prevent any future shifting

Rest easy on a solid foundation. Let us restore your peace of mind and stabilize your structure now.

We have teams with specialized training to come to your home and provide a thorough inspection of your foundation.

Call 604-349-4751 the concrete and foundation specialists at Pell-Builder for routine and structural inspections.

House Foundation Repair

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